Controlled reconstruction after damage: Ørje Kornsilo og Mølle

Appointment: The owner and insurance company wished to appoint an experienced industrial appraiser to administer and manage the rebuilding process.

Damage case: Ørje Kornsilo & Mølle experienced partial damage, a vertical production line for pellet feed was burnt out. The line ran through six floors with extraction above the roof. This involved an extremely narrow construction site and at the same time the company wished that other activities should continue in parallel. The incident occurred in the middle of the season for taking in corn. The construction project was administered in split contracts. All construction trades were involved. In addition, there were a number of machinery suppliers involved, mainly overseas companies. The delivery time for the dryer was critical. Coverage for process interruption led to focus on construction time. Losses for interruptions were further reduced via leased production. The cooler from the dryer from a supplier in Holland was lifted into place in week 44. Test production and implementation was carried out during the subsequent 4 to 5 weeks. The production line was formally handed over after three months and one and a half weeks in total.

Key information:

  • Client: Marker Gjensidige Brannkasse
  • Insurance company: Marker Gjensidige Brannkasse
  • Insured party: Ørje Kornsilo og Mølle, Norgesfôr Group
  • Central suppliers: ISS Bygg, ISS Maskin, Landteknikk
  • Costs, total object damage: approx. NOK 4 million
  • Date of damage: 23/08/2004
  • Start-up: 01/12/2004