Verdivurdering og teknisk rådgivning siden 1981

Norsk Takst
Recognised European Valuer
Industritaksering er en av Norges ledende leverandører av tjenester innenfor verdivurdering av industrianlegg, maskiner og løsøre.


Appraisal experience combined with many years of experience from other industries, such as sales of capital stock and consulting engineering services, provide a solid basis for carrying out assignments on behalf of our clients. In addition, the company has extensive cooperation with the finance and insurance industry, school system and consultancy environments. is authorised by the Norwegian Surveyors and Valuers Association, NTF, and is one of Norway’s leading providers of services for valuation of industrial systems, machinery and assets. In addition, we offer traditional appraisal services such as:

Industritaksering also offers business advice and board work:


We have clients from practically all areas of business. Neutral appraisals are becoming a steadily more important part of the decision-making basis. therefore meets new clients, both national and international, from the following industries: